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Hi there. So, Far From Avocados is a brand new creative content marketing agency based in Dublin. Our mission is to transform the way businesses engage audiences… because there’s a big change a-comin’.

Why… what’s happening?

Well, marketing has changed drastically in the last five years – primarily down to the fact that audiences now have access to ENDLESS amounts of content, thanks to this newfangled thing we call the internet. And that’s great for them… but it means that advertising and marketing communications don’t have quite the same level of cut-through as they once did.

Think about it – in the old days, advertisers could shout their messages at audiences who were waiting for their TV or radio show to come back. But that tactic doesn’t translate so well to social and online media, where the most valuable currencies are time and attention.

In short: brands are competing directly with publishers on social media. And they’re losing. Badly.

Well that makes sense. But what does it mean for me?

Well, unfortunately most business – and even advertising agencies – have failed to adapt to this new approach to marketing communications. Most are still yelling into the ether, and wondering why audiences and consumers are rolling their eyes and turning their attention elsewhere.

Only content that’s been well thought out, perfectly executed and brilliantly distributed can breach those blinkers; only content that provides real-world value can give brands a shot at being listened to and trusted in the same way as publishers are.

So that’s where you come in, right?


We’re a team of journalists and marketers – we’ve worked in and grown organisations like Lovin Media Group, Newstalk, the Irish Independent, Simply Zesty, TBWA, Totally Dublin, Stellar Magazine and Kobo.

We marry the hallmarks of a successful publisher – synthesising information, capturing a reader’s attention, and upholding a critical editorial standard – with the scientific mind of a contemporary marketer – insight, analysis, strategy, reporting and multi-platform expertise.

And what does that look like?

We put audiences first to plan and create articles, videos, podcasts, photos, social posts – using our expertise from the publishing field to get these works in front of the audiences that matter, and our expertise from the marketing field to make sure they change and drive the behaviours that will grow your business.

And so, naturally, we recognise that audiences crave editorial and design excellence – news, information and entertainment that adds value to their lives. No more meaningless Friday memes, no more badly photoshopped brand shots, no more plain-out rubbish.

In short, we’re giving brands the same tools as publishers to win back some attention in the great, noisy online arena.

Our tagline speaks for itself: Think Like Marketers, Act Like Publishers.

Sounds good!

I know, right? Why don’t you drop us a line to find out how we can help you grow your business?