We spoke to Elaine Buckley, founder of popular women’s sports podcast FAIR GAME about the rapid rise in podcasting and creating content with zero marketing budget. Elaine, who also works in TV production for RTE, will be joining our podcasting panel at Publish Or Perish: The Content Conference.

I was listening to a sports podcast in late 2015, and just thought: “wouldn’t it be great to hear female presenters talking to female athletes about their sports?” I did a trawl online, and there were very few podcasts of that kind on offer – and certainly none in an exclusively Irish capacity.

I decided to stop giving out about it and instead do something about it, by making a podcast about Irish sportswomen, featuring the kind of content that I would like to listen to myself.

New podcasts are popping up at a rapid rate – even in our area of interest; we kicked off FAIR GAME in 2015 and there are now three other dedicated podcasts about Irish sportswomen – some even focusing exclusively on single sports. I’d hope that in five years time there’ll be many, many more.

It baffles me how sporting governing bodies can issue information without accompanying high-quality imagery. We live in a visual world. Help us to help you promote your sport and your athletes!

If I could change people’s views on one thing during my time on stage at Publish Or Perish, it would be to stop comparing women’s sport to men’s sport. Why would you compare something that has had such an exponential head start to something that is very much in growth mode?

Given that we exist and operate FAIR GAME with zero marketing budget, using content to target a very specific demographic has been our only option. We’ve established our community based on the output we produce.

My fiancé works for Intercom, and I am continually blown away with dispatches that she shares from there.

I’m an avid listener of Second Captains, always have been; the content that they’re producing within their new independent member-led World Service is just superb.

Elaine will be speaking at Publish or Perish: The Content Conference on November 10. Click here for tickets to Ireland’s first dedicated conference content and further information on all of our speakers.

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