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Do Two-Second Videos Work on Facebook?

Why should a marketer pay for video ads that aren’t even viewed for 2 seconds? AdAge discusses this in light of a study carried out by Oracle and Facebook.

“The fact is, this is how people are taking in content and media today and so marketers are figuring out how to deliver messages and create value in those short time frames,” says Brad Smallwood, VP of Marketing Science at Facebook.

“The data validates there is value that happens in shorter time frames, and marketers should be looking at that and figuring out how to enhance that value because it’s not 5 or 10 percent of the value of a campaign. It’s more than 50 percent of the value.”

AdAge; approximately 7 minutes’ reading time

Content Marketing Trends to Watch for 2018

Content Marketing Institute founder Joe Pulizzi nails his trend predictions to the mast for the year ahead.

What all this means we don’t know yet, but one thing is sure: Consistent, original, and addictive content is all the rage. In some ways, we are seeing the golden age of a new television … it just happens on any and every device imaginable. How does this affect you? First, if your main competitor isn’t betting big on original content, it will be soon.

The window for building a trusted and loyal audience is happening right now. Second, those who build new and trusted content brands will have multiple options to monetize that content, either directly from customers or prospects or secondarily from syndication through the Apples and Googles of the world.

(CMI; approximately 15 minutes’ reading time)

How to Prove Your Content Marketing Success to Your Boss

It’s a realistic, frequent problem: making the case for content marketing to the powers that be. This piece walks through the steps involved in building a reasonable, jargon-free case.

“Educating the wider business on the role of content marketing in driving growth and awareness  plays a big part in the success of your content marketing strategy.

This includes educating the wider marketing team, the employee base and perhaps most importantly the executives you will be leaning on to create some of the content.”

(Forbes; approximately 12 minutes’ reading time)

How to Turn Your Competitor’s Content Marketing Strategy Against Them

This week’s long read. A technical piece that outlines practical tricks and tools that can be used to get the jump on competitors.

“It’s helpful to know what methods and techniques your competitors use to get traffic. You can even learn from the things they stopped doing. Your competitors’ bad experiences can lend valuable insight into their mistakes, so you don’t repeat them.

Try to understand their strong and weak points to improve your own strategy.”

(Search Engine Journal; approximately 30 minutes’ reading time)

Why Your Social Media Audience is Critical for Content Marketing

It goes without saying that a social media audience is critical to content marketing, but are we thinking in terms of quantity over quality? We should really be planning beyond the quality of our own audience, and factoring in that of our audience’s audience.

Certainly, quality has to be in the mix. In the era of ‘Content Shock’, readers know they have lots of content to choose from and only so much they can actually read and then put into their sharing feeds.

In addition, whether consciously or unconsciously, sharers are aware that what they share with their friends reflects on their own reputations, so they are less likely to share junk.”

(Marketingland; approximately 10 minutes’ reading time)