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UK Leapfrogs US On Regulating Bad Content

Bit of a game-changer, this.

Regulating a company like Google or Facebook like a news company instead of a tech company means that they would be responsible for the content that appears on their sites — so if there is anything that the British government deems illegal, like terrorist content, pornography, or perhaps one day fake news — these big companies could be fine

Read here. Axios; approximately 7 minutes’ reading time

Why Content Creators Are Using This Simple Article Format to Draw a Bigger Audience

There may not be a secret to good content – but there are myriad secrets to getting people to click on your content within the busy social media ecosystem. Most will burn brightly before falling victim to overuse – but identifying them at the right moment can yield you a little

These articles are, by definition, exploring how awesome these companies are. They’re literally saying, “If (brand) does it, it must be worth trying.” The brand gets external links, a huge trust boost, and an increased brand awareness it probably doesn’t need (but never hurts).

Read here. Content Marketing Institute; approximately 15 minutes’ reading time

10 Misused Words That Make Smart People Look Stupid

Including one entry that may come as something of a shock to Irish readers…

Bring vs. Take – Bring and take both describe transporting something or someone from one place to another, but the correct usage depends on the speaker’s point of view. Somebody brings something to you, but you take it to somewhere else: “Bring me the mail, then take your shoes to your room.”

Read here. Dr Travis Bradberry on Linkedin; approximately 5 minutes’ reading time

The Three Fundamental Moments Of Podcasts’ Crazy Rise

We just can’t get enough, can we?

Then, in 2014, two things happened: Apple’s stand-alone podcast app went native with iOS 8, elevating the medium to its highest level of public visibility, and a little show called Serial premiered.

Read here.Wired; approximately 10 minutes’ reading time

After 13 Years, Podcasting Has Finally Come Of Age For Corporations

No really. We just can’t get enough. And while this is nothing earth-shattering, its very presence on the pages of Forbes will shift behaviours within the content industry.

Perhaps the most popular format, interview podcasts like our MarTech interviews expose the audience to experts from our industry. It also helps us to create relationships with influencers and thought leaders. Interviews like this enable businesses to build value with their customers by bringing in experts that can educate them, motivate them or provide them with a different perspective on your industry.

Read here. Forbes; ; approximately 12 minutes’ reading time

‘High-Quality Content’ Tips From Google’s Own Style Guides

Anyone who says ‘search is dead’ is having a laugh. And as journalists continue to move into content marketing, these rules will be well worth a read.

Whatever their original purpose, they provide a window into what factors Google considers essential for high-quality content in general — meaning that marketers and content creators should find these tips highly valuable when undertaking their own projects.

Read here. SearchEngineLand; approximately 6 minutes’ reading time