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5 Social Media Content Marketing Trends to Watch Heading Into 2018

Could 2018 herald a massive shift away from evergreen content?

Historically, marketers have focused on producing evergreen content that can be recirculated to drive engagement for months on end. That’s changing, especially in the world of social media. Snapchat really pioneered the idea of ephemeral content, and it has proven that consumers covet this kind of content because they know it won’t be around forever. It has an inherently exclusive component to it.

Read here: AdWeek; approximately 8 minutes reading time

State Of Content Marketing: 2017 Blogging Statistics & Data

Despite a steady increase in content output and repurposing of content across the board, and the adoption of automation and keyword tools, bloggers are actually spending longer on blog posts. Six plus hours on a typical post, in fact. Quality over quantity?

Breaking that number down, you’ll notice a sharp decline in the percentage of bloggers who write posts in less than one hour. What’s interesting is the dramatic rise in the percentage of bloggers who spend 6+ hours on a typical post

Read here: Vertical Measures; approximately 30 minutes reading time

How To Use Content Marketing To Win Bleisure Travelers

Gen Z wants genuine connection and meaning; brands need to drop the sales speak once and for all…

Speak through your personality, not promotions.

Read here: NewsCred; approximately 5 minutes reading time

How Many People See Your Content On Each Digital Channel?

Worried that you’re spamming your audience by posting the same content on more than one channel? Conversely, this piece makes a case for doing just that…

It makes sense for brands to repeat their messages. And to post them in several different channels. For instance, consumers who both opened an email and saw an associated Facebook advert were 22% more likely to purchase, with reach 77% higher.

Read here: The Drum; approximately 7 minutes reading time

Why Your Marketing Team Should Be Journalists

Well, at Far From Avocados we’re never shy about shouting this one from the rooftops, but here it is from a non-affiliated source: journalists are natural content marketers…

Unlike marketers, journalists focus on audience first and brand second. Their writing is agile, speedy and accurate, something especially needed in an era where distrust is common. Stories written by journalists have a voice, which builds trust and personality. Instead of simply creating narcissistic pieces, they break out interesting information woven in a storytelling fabric; in other words, they already know how to handle coveted “owned marketing.”

Read here: Entrepreneur; approximately 8 minutes reading time