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Pallas Foods

From bite-size social content to a feast of fresh creative seasoned with strategic thinking, we’re helping to bring Ireland’s largest food distributors to the attention of a wider audience.

The Overview

Amplifying Expertise

Pallas Foods – now part of the Sysco Group – is the largest food business on the island of Ireland.

We devise, create and execute top-notch to showcase the expertise, insight and knowledge that lives within their organisation.

To do this successfully, we work closely with them from end to end of the content process.

Content strategy

We work closely and continuously with Pallas Foods to align their content with their business strategy.

Social media

We plan, create and promote content for social media channels – through paid and organic means – to grow and nurture the company’s audience base.

Reporting and management

Through weekly reporting and close communications, we understand our audience deeply & optimise constantly.


We devise, shoot, edit and deliver broadcast-quality content – video and written – that aligns with our plan and drives the company’s objectives.

We Solve Real Problems

What can we do for you?

The internet has enough recipe videos – and chefs don’t need to be shown how to cook a burger. So how do you cut through this noise, and showcase the incredible work that goes on in the Pallas Foods development kitchen?
We devised and created a series of mini-documentary videos – The Inside Cut – that looked beyond the ingredients and the method, and on to the science, the rationale, the trends and the inspiration that lay behind each creation.

We Solve Real Problems

How Do We do It . . .

Tell you something you don't know

A top-notch piece of content will always surprise its audience at least once – a fact, an insight, a new take on an old tale. We use our journalistic instincts to dive in beneath the obvious, and create intrigue.

Work smart

We use our ‘hub-and-spoke’ model to create broadcast-quality pieces of work during short and efficient shoots – then slice and dice these outputs into tactical communications.

Ask the right questions

Before and during our shoots, we think hard about what the audience will want. We make sure we pick apart the pertinent points, and leave the ‘so-what’ content at the door.

We Solve Real Problems

And How You Can Do It

Written Editorial

Insights Blog

The team at Pallas Foods take pride in their culinary skills, but there’s a sense of responsibility too for championing the latest food trends and best practices in Ireland. So we showcase the thought-leadership within the company in a regular series of blogs that offer a deep-dive into key industry insights.

Aimed at chefs and restaurant owners, this series serves snackable content with serious substance.

The Christmas Chef: 8 Pitfalls To Avoid In Your Seasonal Vegetarian Offering

With vegetarians and vegans growing in numbers, it’s absolutely essential for chefs and restauranteurs to stay on top of this trend – particularly around the festive season.

The Anatomy Of A Christmas Dinner: What Diners Want This Festive Season

What makes a Christmas dinner? We looked into consumer studies and market research to discover the essential elements of the festive feast.

The Overview

Social Content

Not only do we make great content – but we also make sure it gets seen by the right people across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Strategy and planning: We align each channel to the overall content strategy – and, in turn, the business objectives of Pallas Foods – to create and refine messaging plans that ensure our content works as hard as possible.

Creative development: We create snappy sell-lines, thumb-stopping headlines, and bite-sized video teasers to make sure our audiences take note of what we have to say. We use social-native formats – such as Stories and Instant Experience – to spin out our existing content and make it go further.

Paid social: We identify and develop social audiences, based on content consumption habits, and use smart retargeting to ensure we stay front-of-mind for the customer.

Reporting and optimisation: Through weekly reporting, daily monitoring and constant tweaking, we continue to develop our knowledge of the audience – and strengthen our content, both creatively and strategically.

Video Production

Meet The Makers

Quality ingredients are essential in a quality kitchen – and the network of suppliers working alongside Pallas Foods is nothing short of incredible.

We help to shine a light on them, bringing to life their dedication, expertise and sheer brilliance through short social-optimised documentaries.

And There's More

As well as all of the above, we provide a wide range of other services to Pallas Foods, including:

In-house training

Event coverage

Internal comms

Email marketing

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